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Water is synonymous with life, Let’s Join Hands to Save Water

Start Date: 26-02-2019
End Date: 23-05-2019

Water is the sole essence of life on earth. ...

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Water is the sole essence of life on earth.

While the supply seems abundant, water is not a limitless resource, particularly the fresh potable water most necessary to human survival.

Water is synonymous to life because no living creature can live without it. Saving water helps to preserve our environment.

Due to the increasing urbanization and population growth in the present scenario, our cities are showing excessive pressure on the infrastructure system. The problem of drinking water across the state is emerging as a challenge and most of the urban bodies are constantly facing problems like low rainfall or lack of drinking water sources. Growing global warming is also a big reason, due to which we are constantly facing the downside of water level and water shortage.

It is clear from these facts that the nature of the drinking water problem is very serious, and if proper steps are not taken in this direction then this situation may be frightening in the coming future. If we do not use water properly then we may have to face a major problem in the future.

We must all make changes in our lifestyles that will change the course of our water and its quality.
Along with the government, we all have the responsibility to protect water and use it judiciously.
We can save water from unnecessary wastage by taking small measures in our homes:
• When filling fresh water in utensils, do not waste the pre-filled water in it, use it.
• While bathing, brushing, washing your face, try to fill the water in a bucket or a jug and use it according to the need.
• Water plants by reusing the extra running RO water and wastewater from the AC /refrigerator
• Use jug or bucket instead of pipes while gardening, this will definitely save water.
• Use techniques like water storage methods, water quality testing to save water.

Public Health Engineering Department, Madhya Pradesh, invites your suggestions on ways to preserve water. How can we all become a part of this important initiative and how can you contribute to the water conservation in daily life?

Share your views at MP MyGov and join hands to save this precious heritage of nature.

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ANIL KUMAR CHAUHAN 1 year 4 months ago

Sir, we can make India into a well developed nation within15 years by sustained and well planned plantation.We can plant thousand kinds of many billions trees and shrubs which provide fruits, vegetables,edible oil, cereals and medicines etc asides the railways , roads , canals and streams.1.2 billon safou fruit will produce 150 million ton of edible oil, 1.2 billion trees of maya bread nut can produce 300 million ton cereal,1.2 billion trees of african bread fruit will produce 200 million


ANIL KUMAR CHAUHAN 1 year 4 months ago

Sir. We can solve water and energy crisis by desalination of water by separating ions by external electric field. We can produce tremendous energy by separating Hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions by external electric field. We can also synthesize many bio_degradable polymers to solve plastic pollution. But for all you have to support us


PRAYUSH MISHRA 1 year 4 months ago

माना पानी का नही हैं मोल
पर जीवन के लिए हैं ये अनमोल
साँसे जहाँ चलती हैं
वहीँ पानी से पनपती हैं
यह महज़ एक कविता नहीं
जीवन की एक सीख हैं
पानी बचाओ पानी बचाओ
वर्ना दुखदाई अंत हैं
जल की कोई सीमा नहीं
पर पिने को वो योग्य नहीं
जो जल जीवन बनाता हैं
वो हर जगह नहीं मिल पाता हैं
करो इसका मोल अभी
वर्ना पछताओगे
पानी बचालो आज सभी
वर्ना कठिन समस्या पाओगे
मिश्रा प्रायुष
पन्ना मध्यप्रदेश


MUKESH 1 year 4 months ago

sabse pahale paid podha lagana chahiye kyuki paid podho ka jad mitti me gahrayi me jata hai jisse vah pani ka leval star badata hai or ham dekhte hai ki jis jagah me pani hota hai us jagah par paid podha hamesha hara bhara rahta hai


Rajendra jatav 1 year 4 months ago

जल ही जीवन है ग्लोवल वार्मिंग होने से पर्यावरण का संतुलन विअग चूका है , समय पर वर्षा न होता , गर्मी न पढ़ना ,ठुण्ड न होना,किसी भी मौसम कभी भी आ जाना ,
पानी जीवन की मुलभुत अव्य्सकता है वर्षा न होने का कारन पेड़ो की कटाई और जायदा से २ पेड़ लगाओ , सभी भारत की जा जनता से निवेदन है की पानी की वर्बदी न कर्रे पुराना पानी इस्तमाल होने के बाद ही नया पानी भरे , भविष्य में सुखा पड़ने के आसार है. अगर आप जायदा से जायदा पेड़ लगोगे तो पेड़ वरिश को आने के लिए उकसाती है .


BALASUBRAMANI V 1 year 4 months ago

We can be solved a water problem by planting more number of palm trees around a lake, other natural water bodies. Further we dredged to remove soil debris from lakes,ponds to increase their water storing capacity. Finally we increasing our ground water table while adopting Rain water harvesting method.