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Inviting Citizens to give their suggestions for flood protection measures

Start Date: 17-07-2020
End Date: 31-10-2020

The State Disaster Emergency Response Force (SDERF), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in collaboration with MP MyGov urges the citizens to share their views on flood safety measures; so ...

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The State Disaster Emergency Response Force (SDERF), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in collaboration with MP MyGov urges the citizens to share their views on flood safety measures; so that flood protection measures can be made better and safer in the state.

We know that natural calamities like floods can happen at any time and these disasters are sometimes so frightening and huge that it becomes impossible to stop. But small precautionary measures in such disasters can help us to a great extent in protecting ourselves. For example-

During Flood...
✦ Do not panic and inform about the waterlogging on emergency toll-free number 100, 1079, 108.
✦ Stay at a safe distance from the river banks.
✦ Take special care of children, women and the elderly.
✦ Do not cross the bridge if there is water and avoid unnecessary commute.
✦ Do not take selfies near culvert /tunnel/ rock.
✦ Do not go for a picnic in places where there is a high velocity of water.
✦ Residents of rural areas should not go to far distances to graze cattle during the rains.
✦ Rural people must keep emergency items like air filled tubes, ropes, torches, bamboo, whistles etc. in their homes.

The State Disaster Emergency Response Force (SDERF), Madhya Pradesh is continuously working towards preventing disasters, ensuring the safety of people at the time of disaster and towards improving the security measures in the state.

The State Disaster Emergency Response Force, Madhya Pradesh invites your suggestions for public awareness on precautionary and protective measures during a disaster like a flood.

Share your suggestions on-
1. What protective measures should be taken to prevent possible disasters (floods)?
2. How can citizens cooperate in rescue work during floods?

Read the protective measures in times of floods in detail

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Hemlata Panwar 2 days 22 hours ago

We can do rainwater harvesting it's so good for save water we can use the rainwater for cleaning washing clothes and many more work for gardening in this we also can save our water


Ambrish Kela 4 days 49 min ago

Plant more and more trees and Vetiver grass to reduce the flow of water and reduce soil erosion in the river basins. Floods are mostly seen in areas that have least tree cover.


Ambrish Kela 4 days 52 min ago

Flood prone areas must have lots of 200-250 feet deep bore wells just to sink water deep inside the earth. They should be suitably covered with gravel, etc for filtration and safety. This will also increase the water table in the region.


ripudaman tiwari 5 days 2 hours ago

नदियों को जोड़ने से बाढ़ से भी बचा जा सकता है और सूखे से भी निजात मिल सकता है।


Babu ram 5 days 14 hours ago

सरकार को बाढ़ पीड़ित इलाकों में बाढ़ की संभावना होने से पहले ही सुरक्षा उपाय कर लेने चाहिए और लोगों को वहां से कहीं दूर शिफ्ट कर देना चाहिए जिससे कि लोगों की जान और माल की हानि ना हो।

अगर आप ब्लॉगिंग करना पसंद करते हैं तो हमारे इस पोस्ट को जरूर पढ़ें


Alkesh thakur 1 week 6 hours ago

Sarkar ko bandh bna kr, mardha aprdhan rok kr,vraksh lga kr,&janta ko badh ke parti jagruk kr aavshyk jankari Dena chahiye


Rvi 1 week 1 day ago

Rain water harvesting on Houses of...mainly in cities...bcz ddue to concrete amd cemented area water level rise very fast and in vilages the area near flood plains...those village people should be trained to minimize the flood impactand im those village panchayat should ready in pre monsoons season with all precautions and resources...and also pre trained there self help group also. Villages in flood plains have flexible and advance infrastructure which build up quikly after disaster .


Gagan kaur 2 weeks 4 days ago

मौसम विभाग के दिए निर्देशों का सभी को पालन करना भी बचाव है