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Safe city, public places, transportation and workplace for women/girls

Start Date: 24-10-2020
End Date: 26-11-2020

On one hand, we read headlines like ‘Girls win the top positions’, ‘Girls make it big again’ in newspapers every day and on the other hand we see many girls whose dreams ...

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On one hand, we read headlines like ‘Girls win the top positions’, ‘Girls make it big again’ in newspapers every day and on the other hand we see many girls whose dreams perish in the face of circumstances. Facing many challenges even today, hindering their pace of progress, women are living and fighting every day.

Gender equality is not just a word or a slogan but also a reflection of the state of society. Women/girls are trying hard to make a difference but society and the community are making negligible efforts towards gender equality.

When women/girls step out of the house for their growth and empowerment, they suffer various forms of violence and harassment in cities, workplaces, public transport, and public places. Torture, sarcasm, staring, stalking, sexual assault, and sexual harassment of girls and women in cities have become an everyday occurrence. Even if something does not happen on such a large scale, the workplace and public places do not give them a favourable environment of growth.
The fear and insecurity of increasing violence in the cities continuously affects the lives of girls and women, thereby inhibiting their development and impacting their entire lives.

Men and women are like two wheels of the society who lead the society towards progress. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the society, especially the youth, to support and help in the development of a safe and inclusive space for women and girls. Develop cities and public spaces, where girls and women fearlessly indulge in the mainstream of development without fear of violence.

The Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Madhya Pradesh is organizing a discussion on 'Safe City, Workplace, Transport, and Public Places'. The main objective of which is to develop such safe cities and safe public spaces in the state, where the daughters and women of every age, community are free from the danger of sexual harassment and fear of sexual or any kind of violence. A state where she can boldly access basic services like education, health, employment, and as a responsible citizen she can fearlessly contribute to the community and society and enjoy a violence-free life.

The department invites the citizens of the state to give their suggestions/views on the following issues:
1. The positive role of youth in building a safe city for women.
2. Protection of women in public transport.
3. Creating a completely safe environment for women at work.
4. Creating an environment free of sexual violence and other violence for girls and women in all educational institutions.
5. To make public places and tourist places safe for women.

The Department of Women and Child Development, Madhya Pradesh appeals to all the citizens to give their suggestions on the subject of 'Safe City - Workplace, Transport and Public Places'. So that we can together, bring sensitivity and awareness towards the safety of women.

"Let's join hands to build a safe city."

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S M 2 months 4 days ago

GPS should be installed on all public modes of transport like buses , six seaters , tempos, auto , trucks .
panic button should also be installed in all public transport vehicles so that in case of need women/girls can press them and get help.
There should be 24*7 reachable women security helpline number and it should be displayed on boards In each colony and along road sides specially quiet areas etc


S M 2 months 4 days ago

Strict punishment laws should be made for wrong behavior towards women and girls and its information should be given to general public including city and village people through newspaper or news or television .
Rewards should be given to people who protected or saved women and girls to encourage more correct behavior.
Classes for self protection should be made mandatory in school ,colleges or business workplace.
Women security helpline number should be saved on mobile phones


S M 2 months 4 days ago

For safety of women-girls in city points to be implemented:-
1) there should be dedicated , fast and effective women security cell at multiple locations in the city which can reach quickly in case of urgency .
2) Helpline number of women police station or women security cell should be displayed on boards at all common places like
- inside buses , on bus stop , inside cabs , cars , taxi,post office, parks,cinema ,market, malls
- at entrance of girls college-school


Jitendra Singh Rajpoot 2 months 5 days ago

महिलाओ और लड़कियों को जब ही सुरक्षित होने का एहसास होगा जब लोगो की मानशिकता में सुधार होगा,दूषित मन ही लोगो मे वासना भरता है।और बची कुची कसर सिनेमा/पिक्चर और नेट में पारोसी गति असिलता,महिलाओ और लड़कियों की सुरक्षा के रास्ते के pathaar हो जाते है।सबसे पहले तो क्राइम patriot और अन्य नाटकको सही मूवीज पे रोक लगनी चाहिए, दूर दर्शन चलता था जब इतना कुछ नही होता था,नाटक और मूवीज में एक मर्यादा हुए करती थी,पर आज असिलता खुलेआम परसी जा रही है।बच्चों में अच्छे संस्कार डालने की जरूरत है,ताकि वे दूसरों की माँ औ


RAVI KHAVSE 2 months 5 days ago

महिलाओं की सुरक्षा के लिए कड़े कानून बनाना चाहिए।


bharat kumar 2 months 5 days ago

जबतक समाज पूरा समाज इसके लिए जिम्मेदार है कई मामलों में तो महिलाएं खुद । इसलिए समाज मे जागरूकता लानी होगा। सोशल मिडिया ओर अन्य माध्यम जिनपर नकारात्मक जानकारी डाली जाती है। बन्द करना होगा। ये काम शाशन ही कर सकता है। दूसरा जरूरी काम पब्लिक या प्राइवेट सेक्टर में काम करने वाली महिलावों का पहनावा इस प्रकार का होना चाहिए कि वो पूरी तरह अपने शरीर को ढंक सके इसे अनिवार्य किया जाए।तीसरी बात अधिकतर जगह cc tv कैमरा की सुविधा होना चाहिए।चौथा महिलावों में लिए मरजेंसी हेल्पलाइन नंबर 24 घंटे काम करें।


Rekha Rajpoot 2 months 5 days ago

जब तक समाज के जिम्मेदार लोग अपने कर्तव्य का पालन नही करेंगे,कुछ भी कर लो महिलाये सेफ नही होगी।महिलाओ को चाहे जितनी आत्म-सुरक्षा की ट्रेनिंग भी दे दी जाए,क्योंकि ट्रेनिंग से वो 3-4लोगो से ही निपट सकती है।सरकार को जो भी महिलाये काम करती है उनको हतियार लाइसेंस के साथ सुगमता से सुरक्षा के लिए उपलब्ध करवाए जाना चाहिए।अपने घरों का माहौल अच्छा रखना पड़ेगा,बच्चों को संस्कार देना पड़ेंगे।


Rohit jain 2 months 6 days ago

हम ने देखा है उन देशो मैं जहा सबके पास रोजगार या रोजगार के अवसर है वह ये सब काम ही देख जाता है अतः हमको भी रोजगार के विषय को प्राथमिकता से लेना चिये, अपने बच्चो को समझना और उनको समझना बहोत जरूरी है के महिलाओ को कैसे इजात करनी चिये हमारी शिक्षा बचपन से चालू होती है जिस घर मे महिलाओ के साथ अच्छा वेभर अच्छा नही होगा वो बच्चे कभी भी की ओर महिला की इज़्ज़त श्याद न करपाये। अतः हमको घरेलू हिंसा पर भी ध्यान देना चिये


Nitin Singh Choudhary 2 months 1 week ago

हमारा विचार पर शासन यदि विचार करे तो यह एक कारगर उपाय साबित हो सकता है ।
विचार यह है कि देश एव प्रदेश के सभी विद्यालयों महाविद्यालयो मे पाठ्यक्रम में बालिकाओं के लिए एक आत्मरक्षा विषय शुरू करे एव अनिवार्य करे । जिससे वह होने वाले अकस्मात स्तिथियों के लिए पूर्व में ही तैयार रहे ।
एवं जो बालिकाएं विद्यालय नही जाती उनके लिए पंचायत स्तर पर निःशुल्क कक्षाएं प्रारम्भ करे ।