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Design a logo for Anubhuti by MP Ecotourism Development Board


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Last Date- Oct 22,2019 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Nature is the ultimate nurturer, providing us everything we need for survival. Thus, conservation of nature is indispensable. Only when humans live in harmony with nature can our race survive and thrive. To instill a sense of responsibility and belonging towards nature among school children, Madhya Pradesh EcoTourism Development Board (MPEDB) organizes an annual event called Anubhuti. The conservation education and awareness programme aims to enlighten the young minds about the imperative need to protect the environment and grow into nature-loving individuals..

As part of Anubhuti, a day-long camp is organized by MPEDB in all forest ranges of Madhya Pradesh between December 15 and January 15. The idea of these camps are to take students in the lap of nature and educate them about its importance through different activities. The activities include Ecosystem Exposure, Environment Protection, Biodiversity, Bird Watching, extraction of Forest Medicines and Forest Managements, among others. More than 2 lakh students have participated in the programme over the last three years.

Apart from activities related to nature, an array of adventure activities are also organised to make students resilient and stronger, both physically as well as mentally. Anubhuti 2018 also included specially-abled children, who were made to experience the beauty of nature through touch, sound, Braille, etc.

MPEDB is all set to organize Anubhuti 2019-2020. More than 900 camps will be organised, with 2 camps per forest range. For the same, MP Ecotourism Development Board is conducting a logo-design competition, wherein the selected logo will be awarded a prize of Rs 20,000 and a certificate. Enthusiastic designers can share their entries at MP MyGov or send it to the MPEDB address mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Participants can share their entries until 5PM, October 21, 2019. Entries which violate Terms & Conditions or are irrelevant to the topic will not be accepted.

For terms and conditions, check this PDF Link -

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