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Start Date: 27-07-2018
End Date: 16-08-2018

We all know that breast milk is the liquid gold of infant nutrition. ...

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We all know that breast milk is the liquid gold of infant nutrition.

Breastfeeding is a precious gift for the child, it also forms the basis of his nutrition with a complete diet. Neonates and children need adequate safety, affection and nutrition. The World Health Organization advises children to breastfeed until they are six months old and provide nutritious food for two years or more. In the early stages of a baby’s life, breast milk meets and fulfils all the nutrient needs.

Few Factors that Justify why is it necessary
● Breastfeeding helps in the brain development of infant and reduces the risk of behavioural learning problems
● Breastfeeding enhances the immunity power of the infant and helps in the necessary physical and mental development
● Breastfeeding reduces diarrhoea and respiratory system problems in infants and reduces the risk of infection. Breastfeeding infants are less sick than non-breastfeeding infants
● During breastfeeding, the heat received from the physical connection through the mother helps in strengthening the emotional relationship between the mother and the child
● Reduces the risk of future diseases, such as diabetes, stomach problems, cancer and blood pressure
● It reaches the body of the child at the right temperature in every season
● The infants who are not breastfed are 11 times more likely to die of pneumonia. Similarly, the probability of dying of diarrhoea in these children is also 15 times higher.

Around 38 per cent of children in Madhya Pradesh is only breastfed for 6 months. If we explore the statistics of Madhya Pradesh, out of 14 lakh children who take birth every year, only 8.2 lakh children are given mother's milk for 6 months while 5.8 lakh children are deprived of it. According to a press release, the rate of initial breastfeeding has almost doubled in the last decade. There is a growth in the rate of milk being given to children under 6 months of age. It has increased from 46.4 per cent (NFH-3) to 54.9 (NFH-4) per cent.

We know that World Breastfeeding Week is observed in the first week of August to focus attention on the important aspect of promotion and support of breastfeeding. The slogan of World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2018 is Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life.

Madhya Pradesh government is committed towards the overall development of women and children and working on several initiatives for the same. In the same trail, Women and Child Development Department, Madhya Pradesh is organizing a contest to find reasons why breastfeeding is not being practised till six months of birth and what are the solutions to overcome it.

In association with WCD, MPMyGov invites you to participate in this contest.

Please submit your entries in the following format:
• Reason why Breastfeeding is not practised till 6 months
• What is the solution to overcome it

The top 10 justified reasons will be given prize of Rs 1000/- each.

Terms & Conditions:
● Participant’s name, district, email address along with phone number must be submitted.
● The last date for final submission is August 15, 2018.
● Any resident of the state can participate in this competition.
● Only one entry per person will be accepted.
● Please upload your entry in MS Word / PDF or JPEG format.
● You are supposed to state reasons along with effective solutions.
● Submit your entry in maximum 100 words.
● Answers will be accepted in both Hindi and English languages.
● Entries with incomplete profiles would not be considered.
● You can log in to, for further information related to this topic.
● All entries would be judged by a committee constituted by the Women and Child Development Department. The decision of the committee would be final.
● The selected entry and its copyright will be the property of the department and any changes deemed fit to improve the same will be undertaken.
By registering for participation in the contest, the participant(s) warrant that:
a) They have complied with the entry conditions;
b) Their entries are original;
c) Their entry does not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.

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Rahul Saini 2 years 1 month ago

क्योकि जिन लोगो की आर्थिक हालत कमजोर होती है, वो उस घर की महिला ज्यादातर मजदूरी कर अपना जीवन गुजारती हैI तो काफी बार माता का घर पर दिन के समय ना होना भी एक मूलभूत कारण है, लगातार स्तनपान ना कराने का I

सरकार द्वारा उससे 6 महीने तक कुछ भत्ता मिल गये, तो इस कारण का निराकरण हैI


Mohan Meghwal 2 years 1 month ago

छह माह तक केवल स्तनपान न कराना? - कारण व समाधान
प्रविष्टि - पी.डी.एफ. फॉरमेट
नाम - मोहन मेघवाल
उम्र - 27 वर्ष
पता - गांव बावली, पोस्ट नवारा, वाया कालंद्री, जिला सिरोही, राजस्थान
पिन कोड - 307802
मोबाइल नंबर - 91 8890198527
ईमेल -


Sanskriti sharma 2 years 1 month ago

आर्थिक विष्मताये महिलाओं और एक निर्धन परिवार के उस नवजात शिशु को अपने प्रथम अधिकार स्तनपान से वंचित करने वाला एक महत्वपूर्ण कारण है , क्योंकि आर्थिक स्तिथि ऐसी होती है कि महिलाओं को अपने नवजात शिशु के अधिकार की अपेक्षा कर अपने परिवार की प्रति अधिक चिंतित मध्य प्रदेश सहित अन्य आदिवासी एवं ट्राइबल बहुत राज्यों की स्थिति यह है कि संपूर्ण जनसंख्या का लगभग 50 - 60 % लोग असंगठित मजदूरों में लगे होते हैं एवं इस 50-60% का भी 35 % लगभग महिलाएं होती हैं जिसमें मुख्यतः युवतियां होती है जो अपने जो अपने परिव