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"Shahido Ki Mazaro Par Lagenge Har Baras Mele ...

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Last Date- Jun 18,2018 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

"Shahido Ki Mazaro Par Lagenge Har Baras Mele
Vatan Par Marne Waalon Ka Baaki Yahi Nishaan Hoga"

These lines by Jagdamba Prasad Mishra come true after seeing the Shaurya Smarak (war memorial) built in Bhopal. The bravery memorial made in Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal is an eyewitness to the martyrdom of our war heroes. Entering the memorial induces the spirit of patriotism within us. This monument has been built to pay respect to the brave soldiers who were martyred for the country.

What did you feel for the soldiers and the country the moment you entered Shaurya Smarak?

Directorate of Swaraj Sansthan, Department of Culture, Govt of Madhya Pradesh is giving you an opportunity to describe your feelings by participating in a slogan contest and win attractive prizes.

This is a way to pay your tribute to the martyrs. Best 10 slogans will be selected by the jury. The winners will be awarded a CD featuring patriotic songs and a book. Selected slogans will also be broadcasted on Radio Azad Hind 90.8 MHz.

Terms & Conditions:
• All Indian citizens can participate in this competition.
• Only one entry per person will be accepted.
•Slogan has to be submitted in MSWord / JPEG/PNG/PDF/TIFF format.
• The slogans should be catchy and should not be more than 20 words.
• Entry will be included in the competition based on its log-in details.
• Swaraj Sansthan will hold exclusive rights on the selected slogans.
• Entries will be presented to a jury and the decision of the jury will be
• The slogan must be only in Hindi.
• Entries with name, address, email id and phone numbers will only be accepted. Incomplete profiles will be subject to rejection.
• By registering for participation in the Contest, the Participant(s) warrant that:
a) They have complied with the Entry conditions;
b) Their entries are original;
c) Their entry does not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.

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